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wow you are a pot head
2001-09-17, 2:00 p.m.

apparently i am a pot head

or so accourding to this customer who this morning when i tried to save this skeleton death from sucking out the little noutrishion (yes, i totally just butchered that word) that may have been residing in her body by warning her on the workings of WOW chips.

"did you know these things suck the nutriants out of your body?"

"well, yeah?? smoking pot kills your brain cells pot head"

(ofcourse this was as she ripped the bag out of my hand)

and the other thing is why the fuck did they have to cancel my daily dose of simpsons. national tragedy number 2.

oh yeah and to all the people ive been pissing off lately it really isnt my fault. its a side effect of my personality that you are going to have to learn to deal with. unless you know where i can find a cute slutty straight boy. emphasis on the slutty. add slut to the noun problem and it translates to solution.

ps chances are its not for me. so dont go looking for a skinny effeminate pale rocker. unless you really want to get on my good side.

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