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fuck this fuck off fuck you and fuck him
2001-09-23, 8:45 p.m.

out of the ordinary i am going to take this moment as a break from the regularly schedualled witty remarks and general social commentary to bitch. consider yourselves lucky to see this. it will most likely be deleted unless i recieve an overwelming email response incouraging longevity.

i have decided god has a sense of humor. he puts me in the same situations over and over again. most of my problems result from my refusal to yeild to animal instinct. and the fact my mind soul and body are in some sort of war right now. everything seems just to be getting worse. compulsive.

it may have to do with the fact i cant seem to sleep.

there are girls who seem to like instigated shit with me. they cant handle the way i live my life so they turn their agenda into fucking with me. every three or four months.

i mean explain flying out from arizona to come and fuck with me and my boyfriend. or most recently trying to steal a booty call despite the fact i am obviously the arch-worshipness of all things booty

and this war shit. i dont think i buy it.

the whole entire package. america has turned this fiasco into a fashion statement.

then to make things worse. i am pissing people off right left and center and those who are not pissed of are on the verge of being so. and to those of you angry with me who are reading this. im not sorry. stop pressuring me stop blaming my moodswings on yourself stop everything.

it aint going to help asking whats wrong or to explain myself or to want or to worry.

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