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hot date?
2001-10-03, 10:19 p.m.

so yeah ive been totally lacking on daily activities reporting havent i.

do you think going to a show vip hanging out with the band that is beyond a shadow of a doubt convinced its still the 80s on a tour bus and talking about the freemasons is too intense for a first date?

i dont know what i was thinking

but we had an awesome adventure. not as awesome as coney island night in detroit but we did figure out how to get free parking at the majestic.

theres like a lot for hutsel hospital and by chance if you some how get trapped in there like the gate is open so you think its safe to park, driving in and little do you know that the monster barrier is ready to slam behind you. do not fear. all you have to do is kick the chain that operates to move the gate for actual legitamate permit holders.

and east 94 didnt want us to drive on it because the detour refused to actually let us get on the freeway. yeah it was kind of a werid night.

why cant i ever have something normal?

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