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is this hapiness?
2004-08-16, 10:08 p.m.


blow em up like rambo

he is a killing machine......

i had this werid moment of missing a relationship that was like a relationship without the sex

not just like it was it

sleeping in the same bed sharing feelings and all that is going to be so far away now.

im going to a new place wair i dont know anyone. and while this is excitting and gets better and better every day, its soemwhat of a shock still

and sometiems i have pangs of missing the past even so it doesnt make sense there are still happy moments that i miss. just not the drama.

im not sure what im trying to write or say or figer out becuase im not sad, just adjusting to different things- the way things have changed now

maybe this is hapiness and love


He's the best combat vet that you've ever seen,

And now he's all alone

and what you call hell he calls home,

he was just walking the streets,

Some cop had to push his authority,

He just wanted some lunch,

But when they fucked with Rambo, they fucked up,


Blow em up like Rambo

You need an army against this man,

And don't forget a good supply of body bags,

one thing he'll say to you,

"Murdock, i'm coming after you"


Blow em up like Rambo

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