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what im interviewing ANDREW WK??????
2003-04-24, 11:52 a.m.

so i was planning on getting some bootay-boo out of town this weekend.

No longer...

Schweg: what are you doing on Saturday?

deadastrnt: I am going to be out of town most likely.

Schweg: i wanted you to interview AWK

deadastrnt: As in ANDREW WK??????????

schweg: yeah

deadastrnt: I will be in town obviously then on Saturday.

See i must be doing soemthing right. I didnt even know Andrew was playing. Hes just the person i need to talk to right now anyways.

If you have any suggestions as to what i should ask andrew feel free to email me.

Plus plus i just found out Ted Nugent is touring with Aerosmith and KISS. that means i get to go to that concert woo hooo

additionally i have a date on tuesday. thats right a date. go me.

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