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anthrax not found in detroit
2001-10-08, 9:31 p.m.

so they totally cancelled judas priest and anthrax

and its like i drove ll the way out there and even got yelled at for the whole hour or whatever.

fucking war

but i did get my favourite neclace back. weird uniteresting story but i was looking for one and got another

shit. why dont i ever have the guts to make any sort of move. sorry to constantly be harping on the lack of my favourite four letter word, well free i guess has been the theme of this past week

but in anycase

i think its time to step it up a notch.

so im in this predicament. and im sorta nervous about discussing it here because its like what if you are the one im trying to fuck and you are reading this very sentence. well if you suspect that you have a mild to little chance of getting in my pants. i invite any advances. those parties who know they arent in refrence need not apply.

but fucking stop making it so hard for yourself to score. because yes i like you

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