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The Apex Theory-philip glass
2001-11-09, 7:48 p.m.

i forgot about two things.

chronologically i will list them i guess.

first i saw koyaanisqatsi in the theater. amazing. ofcourse since ticket hasnt been in my vocabulary the last couple of events scottie and i got in free and even ended up with a dvd which turned out to be an audio only dvd and that sucks but i cant complain the sound track is great for meditation and it was free.

i recomend viewing the movie highly

the second thing is sort of related.

I hung out with the boys from apex theory who turned out to be good friends with onesidezero. anyways their music is great and they are so much fun. i like sitting down and having real conversations which doesnt happen much but when it does its great. and they showed me this great movie called barakah- it was related because its like koyaanisqatsi in that its music and images. im glad there are other people out there who appreciate strange theories and such.

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