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arb run and being a pussy
2001-10-22, 10:53 p.m.

so its been a busy day. but two subjects have yet to be discussed.

the first is the awesome run through the arb. first of all the arb is so giant and beautiful ,second its next to the graveyard, third its fall and the colours are indescribable. so we ran around and got lost and returned and it ruled. and the weather was spectacular that i could run in a sports bra and shorts. Oh and after treking up this giant hill there was the most serene setting with two benches. rock on.

now the second is open to any emails for suggestions on how i can become less of a pussy or illiminate the adjective pussy from my description. i blame all my sexual confusion and reluctancy on television. im not sure why but it seems a hella lot better than blaming myself right now.

god. i am pathetic.

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