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may i have your attention please
2006-06-28, 1:39 p.m.

wow my last entry sure sounded proffessional.

thats wells interesting i think cuz mes is not a profesional

the land area im in is amazing its super hot desert that has this wonderful decidous canyon wiht marshes in trees in the middle of the 100+ degree desert quiet amazing.

i like how i get five paid weeks off a year at my job and how they paid me to go home to take a medical class and paid me to go to the class. pretty wells amazing

im thinking that im going to travel a bit in the next year i gots big plans

i was invited to a super intense vision quest i got some survival school to do the carebian to visit to live with a tribe to learn about their sustaniable living to go to the rainforest to intern at a sustainable living biostation wow so muc hto do so little time.

peace out

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