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so im forced to open a bar
2001-11-12, 11:57 a.m.

so i decided since the blind pig sucks that i should open a bar in ann arbor. im not going to even give ricks american cafe or scorekeepers or anyother excuse for a bar concideration into the reason why it is up to me to provide a quality place to congregate. since i own the bar i get to say who comes in those people are not welcome into my elite world.

Anyways we decided it should have three floors. and perhaps a green room for the backstage area but i contested that since the strippers would be upstairs bands would probably want to hang up there rather than by the lure of a snack bar and couches. I mean boobs or dorritos, what would you chose? i know where i will be.

and i think there should be a ample use of mirrors. not only in the upstairs vip area because all angle stripping is obviously way better than asimple a single exposure but also mirrors should be provided for the common folk that are on the other two floors.

also the employes at the door will be as follows. both good looking, duh, men one gay and one straight. Since gay guys lean towards pretty boys like i do then i am guarenteed a good visual mix for the night. Ofcourse this is assuming im sober enough to see straight. The straight one is for bouncing. Then a super bitchy "ive got an attitude" girl at the door to take the money and check ids.

OH and far as underage drinking if your are tall skinny pale (preffably gothicesque) with a supreeme fashion sense you automatically are entitled to entry into the vip lounge and if your lucky youll get to sit next to me.

Bands will play on the main level. With adequate lighting and to only the most devoted and well behaved fans because lord knows we all detest homophobic beer guzzling assholes. not like they would have enough fashion sense to even get into concideration to gain entry. but still.

havent decided on the basement so im openning that field to my dedicated readers. if you provide the best idea then you automatically have lifetime vip status- and you know what that means- all the lap dances you could possible ever want and then some.

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