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wow, im on a buisness trip
2004-05-14, 11:22 a.m.

nikki sixx got fat. acourding to tight pants standards.

and its always werid when you are at a show look on stage and are like, hey! i know that dude.

because i did. not in nikki sixx's band but the opening band.

and i cant believe acey was in in a band with these guys and thats probably why he left because the dude is so nice.

so is the rest of the band AMEN. (is it ahhhmen or aehmen)

i totally was in nikki sixx's dressing room.

i forgot that i was going on a buisness trip to pittsburg (nikki sixx) newyork (fashion) and phillidelphia (mindless self indulgence).

infact i forgot to pack more than two shirts.

but here i am now in new york. yup new york

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