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blood on my hands
2003-04-02, 8:56 p.m.

personal growth never seems to stop. i think now i have sucessfully divided my brain into two hemispheres. LIke in that philip k dick story called a scanner darkley. bacsically its about his drug addict who has a narc agent following him but the narc agent is really the drug addict. THis is because substance d, the drug has split his head into two specific hemispheres.

so anyways these two hemisphers. ITs like being reborn again becasue all theses emotions come flooding in and i dont know quiet what to do with them. there is me then there is the programed me. two hemispheres operating in the same body. so these emotions confuse me

one thing i have decided is that ive got to decide who i want living in my world, becasue right now there are too man ystupid stresses being caused. not to sound cocky but im going to let those who have offended me plead there case so to speak.

partly to protect myself but mostly to protect them. or maybe its the other way around.

people only change when they want to change. some people cant get up becasue they dont realize theyve fallen.

i will tell you a secret diaryland the innocent bloodshed cleanses the sins of the guilty. i have blood on my hands.

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