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bullshit in court
2003-12-04, 10:27 p.m.

and the bullshit continues.

this is the second time ive been to court. the first time i went to see marilyn manson

this time though it was for me and all because i have the worst taste in mates dont fuck with the junkies man, even former junkies. because as scott weiland proves all that matters in the end is junk.

in any case this junkie lied his face off in court which took me off guard. he said "i am begging the court" tahts pretty weak. whats even weaker is the fact that he's trying to put me in jail. he claims i violated this dumb ppo last night.

I was so shocked that he and his junkie friend would take such a stupid risk i couldnt respond.

but at the next hearing im going to tell the court that i would liek to know how i operated a fictional motor vehicle when i had been coughing up blood for a few days and at the doctor for four hours the day of the alleged incident from which i was heavily sedated and with wintnesses laying in a bed across town.

but i have confidence once a junkie always a junkie and lying to get out of shit may work with some chick that told you the truth about your piece of shit self but it aint going to work with a dealer that you owe thousands too.

he brought his dad. his dad actually believes that hes not a junkie. its liek yo dad there, you had to put him in rehab for 8 months and you believe him for what reason??

such bullshit when will it end. on the better front i am going to cuba.

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