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brandon boyd how i really want to gaze at your abs but always miss your shows
2002-09-03, 3:03 a.m.

well life is weird sometimes. and im too tired to explain why. but i dont believe in coencidenses

photographs capture weird frustrating coencidenses

the biggest problem in my life right now is that i caent go see incubus this time because i half to shoot a music video. now i really appreciate my life and my trivial problem. but i must say this whole never getting to see brandon boyd perform is sorta irritating me . but also really ammusing me

since ozzfest 97 there have been numerous opportunities thwarted. and when i went all the way to pennsylvania and the rolling rock fest, since i was press i had to watch incubus on a montior. at least i got to hear them live. and later when i snuck out via the backstage and into the crowd routine, i ran into brandon boyd and when he came up to me and grabbed my arm sorta and told me he liked my tattoo, what did i do?

well consitering i cant function if people i dont know designatingly touch me especially in a public place with lots of other people i did what i always do, i informed him: "you are touching me, i have to go over there now"

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