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bon voyage amreen!
2003-03-04, 9:53 a.m.

my friend amreen is moving to thailand to teah english. this makes me happy and sad. happy she gets to go to tropical paradise AND more importantly gets to eat thai food everyday. sad that she is leaving me and scott.

amreen rules. me her and sarah are the a.s.s posse (a is for amreen, s is for sonya s is for sarah!) we are a best friend trio, like the powerpuff girls, cept we dont have the squeeky voices and our superpowers are being cool and looking good.

once she sent me a ring that said jesus from africa, when she was there being the great humanbeing she is.

amreen has had it tough her whole life yet she is so positive. except whenever we go to concerts she gets in fights... i left her for fifteen minutes at iron maiden and some hick is yelling at her about abortion. oh amreen.

i am more happy than sad because she loves the beach and water as much as i do. and thai beaches are infinetly better than the ponds here in michigan.

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