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big pimping and eviromental conservation
2003-02-12, 4:49 p.m.

so last night i took photos at the lyricist lounge. and i made friends.

so i saw the dudes that sing that song no bentleys cadillac pimping and i was like yo and they were like yo and i was like dude i think you should endorce more enviromentally friendly cars. you now sense cadilacs unesisarily use a lot of fosile fuel and that destroys the environment.

then he tried to explain how its okay if i cant afford a cadilac as long as i ride i can be down.

i was like yo you are missing the point. maybe sense you have an influence you should encourage people to take public transportation or carpool. thats good for the environment.

he agreed but told me he is doing good for the environment he is drinking water.

he was seriouse so i congradulated him for making an effort. because you know even so technically that dosent make anydiffernce in enviromental preservation, he was trying.

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