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dear god, i am sorry
2002-12-07, 12:44 p.m.

dear god,

i would like to apologize to you for whatever i have done to piss you off. i am sorry for trying to smother jeramiah with a pillow but you have to understand i was not intending to kill him just piss him off. and he dident remember it when he woke up so lets just forget the whole thing happened. other than that ive been pretty good, and i dont think you are taking your wrath out for my academic insufficencies.

but really why did you think it was a good idea to isolate me from the rest of my peers, which would have been fine if you hadnt locked me in a room with no windows and the joolia goolia clone!

ps. she brought her own portable pencil sharpener today and sharpens her pencils between calls. is this grinding part of my punishment or is by default that i must endure this for the next six hours?

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