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speaking of crazy
2001-08-27, 5:00 p.m.

so i keep seeing people walking around and apearing to be talking to themselves until i notice they are utilizing their cell phone's hands free option.

which led me to think i talk a lot to myself and to now avoid the gawking stares that occupany such a akward habit i am going to wire myself with a hands free device minus the cell phone.

yes i am very bored.

but my international friends are writing me. one of the previously described sticker paper conglomerations was sent out to spain today. the post office is a strange strange place that deserves an entry all of its own. a package to amador.

(yes brian- amador-commador-sixtyfour)

for my dedicated readers that find themselves saying spain, amador?

spain is where i was for most of the summer and amador should be filed on the ooh-yeah-backstage-passes-to-hell-now-confirmed.

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