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christmas t hanks
2004-12-24, 9:31 a.m.

i suppose it is time for reflection seeing as it is the end of the year.

actually i was taking a shower when i noticed that my boob size has increased a half cup since stopping my birthcontrol oh so many months ago.

this discovery, and further noticing that i am in ideal shape (thanks 15 minute abs!), pushed me to ponder over what has happened this year because im in the finest spirits i have ever known.

now lets see.....

i won some awards for film and cinemotagraphy

i found inner peace

successfully finished a charity rock calander

yoga is wonderful and not just for hollywood

i stoped all my belief in white peoples general medicine

i accidentally became straight-edge in the truest sense of the word. i dont even use chemical dish detergant. and it probably doesnt help that im vegan. but fear not i dont listen to hardcore and i wont be punching any drunks.

i have an awesome other (complete with dreads and no body hair!) who actually is the nicest guy. the only complaint is that hes a little too hot because as a girl i dont like to be overshadowed. fortunatley for me he is of the attitude, okay we get it already, im hot, but dont you love me for my insides? so i still get to be the cutest. and he loves small boobs!

which brings me to the fact i now love my body. not a thing very many females can say. and about the boob thing- many say DD are perfect i say just barely a b is awesome because its still a handful but you dont have to wear a bra! and hands down i recomend pilates.

overall pretty good endings for a challenging year. i would write more but im pressed for time!

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