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electric six fun!
2004-04-19, 5:07 p.m.

i wasnt planning on drinking tequila again but when you are friends of the bar things like that happen.

so while in drunk mode friday i thaut i should suprise this guy seeing as he was playing bass and all the only way to really suprise him was to jump up on stage and boogie which of course i did.

i wanted to do some crazy jump off stage but alas i was packing my camera so safety first and i did a lame dive instead.

i met this really drunk dancing dude in a suit and he was from toledo and i was like yo do you go to the dance party and he was like yo im totatlly bummed because i couldnt go last week. i was like yo im going this week and he was like yo im so there.

so for all of you in the know:

dance party toledo thursday headliners be there.

you can be sure that this chic wont be there because she was at the electric six and she sure as hell was all up in our mix again smoking but it was cool cuz its all in good dancing fun.

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