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application to date me
2002-06-14, 10:45 a.m.

i havent been having very good luck in the dating game

to combat psychos and boring people i have come up with the following

Application to date me:



athletic affiliation:

state your current occupation and any fringe benefits it may provide.

complete the following sentences:

I feel like _________ing after ___________ing.

Time to take her _________. Last night I __________ because I felt ___________.

Movies are ______________ . Im not that ____________.

Pornography is _____________.

choose the most appropriate letter:

I believe in a. nothing b. myself c. a greater being

I donít smoke a. true b. false

and smokers make me feel

a. saddened that I am a human b. pissed at corporations c. nothing

are you a rockstar?

a. yes b. no

when I am upset I

a. whine b. sulk c. have a mature conversations d. retreat into my own world

the news makes me

a. aroused b. disgusted c. apathetic

in order to sleep at night I need

a. sex b. drugs c. tv d. silence e. I cant sleep at night.

if my life was a boardgame it would be

a. trouble b. chutes and ladders c. sorry d. monopoly

do you steal? why?

It bothers me when ________________________________.

On a scale of one to ten how well can you navigate a computer? (1 being you are completely dependent on aol 5 being you have pretty a good sense of the machine 10 you built your own)

When im uncomfortable I ________________. To cope with this feeling I _______________

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