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dave chapelle was in my dream and i think i just ate some incense
2005-02-22, 10:17 a.m.

dave chappelle was in my dream.

towards the end, after the usual apocaliptic chaos, which interestingly enough this time left all in the wardrobe of conan the barbarian, i found myself in an enormaous airport with dave chapelle as my traveling companion.

and dave did not want to be recognized or miss our flight.

And for some reason the only people we ran into for awhile were sorrostitutes, which proved to be rather entertaining. not only was it the body of dave chapelle it was the humor too, and i had a good laugh, too bad i cant remember the particulars. but i do remember giving a lot of people the slip.

that is until we ran into snoop dog at the news stand.

all this is a tad unnerving because i dont even have a tv.
the closest i ever been to the man, mr chapelle, is my friend was waiting on him at a bar. thinking he looked familiar, she asked, are you in my sociology class. genuinely thinking she must know him from school. he assured her, no, no I am not. to which she replied, oh do you study social work because i know ive seen you before.

my toast tastes like sandlewood incenses

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