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2001-05-28, 1:13am

astonishing sometimes. but never parralleled, the number "33".

lets find them around Ann Arbor and play find the pentagram that we came up with when we obviously were bored out of our mind on drugs.

thats harder when its raining. fairly large dead species seem to change position in the rain and not to mention weird people in buicks making scary comments.

jesus. someone please give me something remotely interesting to do before i drive my self to sanity.

note to self. slow down and enjoy life.

heres side A of yesterdays interview

Jason and iv 11/28.00

iv: obviously the first question is how is the tour?

Jason: great. its going great the fact that we are on Mansonís label helps because his fans are more open minded to us, they want to hear what we have to offer. As where I know in the past with any kind of extreme act opening acts donít always get treated very well. We have had that experience in the past with gwar which was totally nuts but at least weve had the advantage of sort of mansons blessing and I think a lot of his fans know that already and so they are giving us a chance.

iv: cool, uh whats the worse or hardest thing about going out on tour.

Jason: probably friendships at home. You never really get enough time to spend with people you care about and if they donít understand then a lot of times then there not really there when you get back. So you need to have a very understanding group of friends.

iv: best stage moment or best performance moment.

Jason: Actually I think that the first night in New York was the best crowd response also Kansas city we played to 10,000 people it was on Halloween and that was pretty exciting and crazy.

iv: Halloween, yeah. You know itís a larger tour so there is obvious like performance differences and ah response differences.

Jason: We have never really played in front of this many people before on a nightly basis so I mean to me its really good though because of the kind of music that we do its really the target audience were playing infront of. Its uh definetly the best tour weve done. Weve played with the genitorturesrs and the goth rock legends Christian Death and those were good tours but weve never the amount of people weve been doing on this tour.

iv: Howd you hook up with Manson

Jason: Well actually last year when we were on tour supporting our other album his manager was sent out to see us play and it was after that they liked what they saw so manson contacted me andd sadi that we should meet so he flew me out to California and we hung out for a few days and we just talked about music and what he wanted to do with his label. And I guess because they were concidering us to be the first band and obviously since theres a lot of pressure behind there being the first band because everyone wants it to be successful so he had to really make sure that we would get along and match philosophically to a certain extent. We were debuing for a lot of other major labels at the time and had a lot of other opportunities.

oh yeah. ps im am brain dead

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