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demf kick off
2003-05-23, 3:54 p.m.

yesterday so ruled.

i woke up only to discover last night was a total score. i woke up hottie scottie. fine quality partying.

after waking up the greater part of my day was spent sipping fine wine with soem fine gentleman.

and if that isnt a good enough day i come to find sushi is only 1.99 by my house. not only did i get to eat well but my well informed decision also got me a hot late lunch date. topping the great day was last night. me and judith and my friend ben went to the opening fashion show for the demf this year.

there were so many people with pretencious haircuts. the night was way fun though. open bar and free sushi

i think i should take this opportunety to point out that i seem to get into more trouble sober than in any degree of drug or alcohol induced stuper.

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