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death and those mutherfuckingpussys who cry im deprest or im going to kill myself! no do it, no do it
2004-07-23, 8:28 a.m.

my mind is determine to make me feel bad today. i havent felt this way in a long time

mind over matter.

which brings me to the overmedicated state that is america.

people dont even try to find peace or build their self confidence anymore.

they just swallow a pill. sure easy for me to say right?

i would nt know seeing as you know ive been hospitalized a few tiems and used to cut myself quit a bit. suicide, attemtps well get to that in a bit.

medicine is okay as a tool but not a solution and most people forget this and i cant understand.

if you are on medication, you should realize that the goal is to one day get off it. dont take medicine because it makes you "happy" take it to cope until you can figer out all the fuct up shit inside.

for the most part people are pussys. i would like to think that there should be stricter requirements for medication like

have you been hospitalized?

are you seroiusly going to/ have tried to kill yourself? (or are you just a spoilt brat who cant find happiness in all the blessings you have)

do you cut yourself?

if you answered yes to any of those questions, expect the one in parenthasies, then you qualify.

if not, ill bring a gun over to your house.

do it , no do it.

(on the part about suicide, a lot of suicide attempts are cries for help because you better guarenttee its going to work if you are going to try. sometiems though, doctors cant explain why that many pills and alcohol didnt kill you or why you walked away from that tree you drove into )

thers a lot of details i dont tell people from that wintery day, or the other recent time i got taken to the ER, about two years ago, and come to think of it car crash is the only person that knows when and why and the fact i was even in there.

now see diaryland, you are now apart of one of my better kept secrets. shhh dont tell anyone, i nikki sixxd it!

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