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dreams horrible dreams
2002-09-28, 8:26 p.m.

i always have dreams about the people in my video projects. when i was doing ted nugent pretty much everynight we were on an island and he was dinosaur hunting. and ofcourse the dinosaurs were tryign to eat me. one time sting was in it and the trex ate him.

now with lollipop lust kill, i keep having this werid reoccuring dream about the singer. we are on this big black leather couch in the middle of this forest watching a big screen tv, and first it was the movie beaches that was on. there are all these weird demon people in the forest but they dont bother us cuz were on the couch. and there is spagetti everywere.

i told him about it but he didnt believe me he said i was making it up. im not that creative. i couldnt make this shit up.

so now the dream continues where im drownign in the ocean and im at peace and everything goes black. i usually wake up at this point.

but this time it was werid i woke up still in my dream om this field. everything was bright vivid colours. the forest is on the left and the field hAs all these orange poppys growing. and evvy, thats the singer, is sewing on my hand and there is this big scar liek in frankenstien.

and im upset because i was all happy about my life ending. but we are having this picnic with the old style picnic basket and all. and the requiem from a dream music is playing and we are eating white cake. then all of a suden all this blood starts pouring from evvy s mouth and down his shirt and tie and then his insides start coming out sorta. and i try to help him and put them back in and now im really pissed cuz he gets to die and i dont. but then hes dead so it doesnt matter and i look around and there is a tree and a rope and a chair so i go and hang myself.

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