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oh valentines day presents
2002-02-11, 10:50 a.m.

i just got the best valentines day present ever

a pocketful of type 2 narcotics

maybe now i can sit down and focus on that romantic comedies paper.

i thought i adressed this issue previously but i guess not so ill fill you in because your probably like why the fuck would anyone want to write a paper on romantic comedies

well for your information i dont want to.

i intended to sign up for the war movies class. now i dont like war movies but it was my only option.

so when we watched Meet Me In St Louis i was confused a little becuase i thought wtf does this have to do with war.

ill tell you. absofuckingloutly nothing. because i wasnt in the wars class i was in the Romantic Comedies and Musicals class.

thats right boys and girls a whole semester devoted to the genre.

i could have sworn i wrote an entire entry on this.

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