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dumb dumb dumb
2003-02-24, 10:43 a.m.

why the hell am i up this early on a friday?

well ill tell you why. it all started wednessday.

cp: hey i need to make a wav an mp3, call me and talk me through this

me: okay

fifteen minutes later no success

so now i have to go out there and hold his hand while i demonstrate the convert function.

the funniest part to me is, that chris is a MUSIC producer. i mean hes just got back from london doing some spicegirls 2003 project (not the spicegirls but the same concept). and he cant do basic musical producing technical elements unless i am physically present to give a demonstration

atleast i look like a computer wiz now. while im at it, ill teach him how to open attachments from emails. becuase he has problems with that too.

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