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Edsel dope, life advice, teh machine shop
2003-04-07, 10:48 a.m.

weekend entry b.

So i went to go see Dope. I read this interview on metalsludge with edsel dope and i thought what a dick. so i thought i should talk to him cuz i like his record and hes hot.

so i did. and at first he was an asshole. but then actually i decided i respect edsel dope more than most human beings (and i like saying his name). he had lots of good things to say. i just think sometimes he is angry and cant let things go. i also think that makes for good music.

my friend nick's band opened up for dope which was a suprise cuz i had no idea and then saw him in his zombie makeup when i walked in the door. nick rules. he has a nailbunny tattoo.

then i kept seeing this kid he kept syaing hey to me everytime i saw him and i was like fuck, should i know who this person is. (im netroius for meeting hanging and forgeting) so this girl after i see them for like the tenth time drags him over and is like "hi my friend thinks your totally hot and wants to talk to you so talk to him"

I felt like a celbrity but also really weird. So i pointed to the videeo monitor cuz hot scott weiland (drool, sorry your back on the junk scott) was on tv. the kid just kept alternating between "im so embarresed" and "i cant believe im talking to you".

then later nick jumped at him and screamed touch her and your dead. and thekid was horrified, i think he pist himself.

anyways friday night rule. first cuz me justin and kelly all hung out and we got arbys. second kelly and i think we saw a transvestite but we couldnt tell if it was a man or an ugly woman so that was entertaining and a highlite for soem strange reason. third edsel gave me good life advice. fourth the show kicked ass. fifth i got to see nick.


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