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words of wisdom from edsel dope
2003-04-07, 11:19 a.m.

edsel dope had two things important to say

First he declared he was an asshole. he had more important things to do like enjoying life then wasting his time with bullshit. apparently he dosent care what other people think which is the right way to be. who cares if you arent going out of your way to be nice. chances are thats the persons own insecurity. being an asshole to protect yourself from strangers is alright. he was cool to me after we sat and talked for a few minutes.

he had this to say about his fued with an ex band member. next time i see him hes going to be in the hospital. he has to understnad you cant just go around saying what you want about other people and doing what you want with out thinking there are consequences for your actions. edsel was willing to go to jail over this. i dont condone violence but i agree with edsels general theory.

so how dose this relate to me?

well i realized ive been a pussy about excepting consequences for my actions. now im just at peace. thanks edsel for stating what i needed to hear in a way i had to hear it. and being true to your word. but dude violence is not the way. but i want to kick people in the balls sometimes too, so i guess its all good

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