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worst hippie ever
2005-08-19, 5:57 p.m.

i been doing this weird qui gung and accupressure and accupuncture and its bringing out all this supressed anger.

figer i mite as well do it while i have access to real chinese lineage that knows what the hell is going on.

thats cool because then it goes away. freedom from anything but piece and a mind absent of worries. whats not cool is having dreams about punching my mom in the face.

i mean i been in great spirits except having to deal with war casualties, amputess, ptsds, etc. and i totally didnt expect this whole purging of emotions.

Its actually kind of cool becuase it goes to the root of whatever is wrong with me.

i have this new hope for humanity- the best for everyone. which doesnt nessisarily mean they get what they want (then we'd really have an oil crisis on our hands).

Its so great not to be depressed (except about things that are saposed to make me depressed like the destruction of the earth, the war, etc) or anxious.

Ill be in the Michigan for a brief stint and Im sorta hopping i run into some people that i used to know so i can see if they have also made progress on this evelutionary self examining effort towards happiness.

jesus i obviously have spent too much time in the woods and at the beach, i sound like a hippie

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