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engineers rock!
2004-04-07, 9:25 a.m.

A. holy shit engineers are efficent!

B. ASK AND the lord shall provide (even if you do call jesus a zombie)

im working on a solar powered car video. they are amazingly brilliant. and they are totally willing to help me fix my computer.

a genius is going to fix my computer. not like oh he is a genious he graduated from the university of michigan already. no like hes 19 and a graduate student.

B. so the other day i was like wow underpants are expensive why doesnt some one give me free underpants.

subway dude: hey i hope this doesnt offend you, sense you give me free drinks i saw these downstairs. and he hands me free underpants cards from victoria's secrets!

so like i was saying, why doesnt someone just give me a mac?

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