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that jeanie buehler girl seems familiar
2004-07-27, 6:02 p.m.

so i was watching ferris buehlers day off last night and the sister jeanie really reminded me of someone and i couldnt figer out who.

then i did! one of the people that my friend asked about

and i now am glad i watched ferris buehlers day off because i can say

she is like ferris buehlers sister jeanie, cept she doesnt turn cool in the end.

now thats a much easier way of explaining why im not friends with her anymore.

now that i have a great conciese explination i wish that people (more than the one i gave that long speech to) would ask about that friendship.

its werid although i spent a large majority of my time through those years i reely dont remember it at all unless someone brings it up. not a supressed memory but i guess it just didnt mean that much to me. which makes me kinda sad because when you devote that much time shouldnt it mean something.

she always accused my entries about shitty friends or people i was pist off at about being about her, which they werent they were about this other crazy chic who used to steal my clothes.

maybe she always thaut they were abotu her because i wasthe only perosn in her life, she thaut she was the only in mine.

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