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the fcc wont let me be me, but cool i gots a paper to write about television deregulations
2003-05-27, 9:55 p.m.

its so nice to be back to home sweethome

THe FCC wont let me be me.

During a observation of primetime and popular cable channel television i concluded that tv = idiot box. Around 8 oclock i watched MTV, ABC, VH1, ABC FAMILY, lifetime, NBC, FOX, the WB, and the cable FOX News Channel.

I decided taht television is one long commercial with sexually attractive people featured in between.

I watched some sitcoms. 8 simple rules for dating my dauter. Remember jack from threes company, hes gota famiy and i think its with the mom from married with children. Nick Carter from teh backstreet boys was a fictinal college student. i mean duh, you think he gose to college for real. I dont.

typical situational comedy. the ads for rich people. teh jaguar. that ad was pretty cool. it had a jagaur running into a field of horses and im positive it was computer inhansed. then the car was there in like the savanah so unatural and squeky clean. there was the kia commerical, it wasnt as snazzy. the olive garden had this weird fake italian familiy vibe. stereotype. I would be pist if i was italian to be portrayed like that. italians are way hot.

oh and it was werid because there was a verizon ad that was in the sitcom it was a closeup of a VERIZON phone. that sucked because i almost didnt notice it until this dude pointed it out. then i was like boo ad placement. oh speaking of ad placement Nick Carter was in it.

I bet he has an album coming out.

vh1 had divas on which was cool although i would have rather seen the wair are they now horror film stars but i wasnt in charge of this channel surfing asisgnment. mtv had surf girl. sense when is that a real sport. honestly. its like real world that requires you to be a hot surfer chick. id do it though in a second.

there were car commercials again on vh1 and on mtv there was body products and beatuy shit. and snapple. mmm sugar snaple.

ABC family some made for tv movie. lame. it had kit kat, kfc family meal, carpenter ants exterminator comercial. johnsons baby wash. gee i think the target audience was family. i guess thats why they named the channel after it. consumers dont half to even think anymore theese days.

DOg Eat Dog was a reality show on NBC. can we say so fucking lame. okay yuppies dont know what extreem is. its certainly not the rip off stunts from fear. its NBC how extreme can least objectionable programing be? its commercials were for white castle and the metro detroit lincoln mercury dealer. oh and this yummy hagandas commercial. why is hagandas so sexily advertised. and i wonder if fear stimulates hunger which would explain the commercials.

THe lifetime movie. OKay this is totally the single mom or rich mom channel cuz the commercials werwe for famliy vans but nice ones. Oh and hte childrens meracl network.

the cabel news had some usual terrorist bullshit on. THere is some shit going down in the middle east. but now they are reporting on it and makign a big deal. but they take the time to sell you a new car and some tires from goodyear which if you buy you get a giftcard to HOme Depote. then the oriely factor came on. this dude sucks. He was yelling about how lesbians and gay people shouldnt be treated like regular people who are cheating the system. you can have a marriage for health insuranse if you are strait, but no way are two gay people allowed to help eachother out.

are you still hear? are you still reading? good email me because thats my research for my paper im doing. the fcc is turning the same law that just gave clear channel the radio power. cept this time its for tv.

who gives a fuck. seriesly i mean television sucks these days. there is no music video channel and only a good few film channels. the rest is shit. commercials of fictional people.

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