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general reflections
2004-04-15, 6:40 p.m.

you know what is cool, kung fu zombie movies. and even cooler are the people who collect them and bring them over to my house

electic six is also cool, and they are playign in detroit on friday the 16th. today at work i put their song gay bar on repeat so for an extended period of time people studing got to here i want to take you to a gay bar gay bar gay bar.

you know what is also cool, break dancing competions which im getting shoufered to this saturday

good friends are also cool. becasue they dont trip about bullshit and understand when you are going through shit and dont try to change you or be you. and they realize that after you go through shit you ll be back to normal soon enough.

what is not cool is drama and im happy to say shits been drama free now for a very very long time now and that is great. sometiems you got to cut the ties that hold you down.

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