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funny tempertantrums by grown men
2003-03-22, 11:01 p.m.

today was the day of unacceptable behaviour. im not going to bore you with details just highlight the funniest part. so my housemate is a dick. i have really tried to get a long with him as best as possible but i think hes subhuman. as in he has no ability to have compasion for humanbeings.

anyways. so today he was being a subhuman and i told him not yelled at him but told him fuck that fuck you. and went in my room and turned on my stereo so i dident have to hear the stupid tv.

so apparently intially wen i went in the room he freaked out and like threw a tantrum. not like was like oh that bitch but thru a real tantrum. then he came into my room and starts acting like a dad can you please turn your music down. i very calmly said no, and i think he wanted to hit me. then i got whats your problem we had peice and quiet you need to turn your music down. my music wasnt even rediculously loud it was like as loud so i couldnt hear the tv.

he like couldnt handel the word no, becuase hes a dick, so i think it overloaded his senses. he flipped the bird yelled fuck you and then slammed his door and then i think he left.

but the whole time i was sitting in my chair just thourgouly amused by the whole thing. i mean come on. two tempertantrums back to back. youd laugh too.

it was like the episode of the simpsons when frank grimes comes to work with homer. and then he flips out.

the most fucked up part is his girlfriend who was my best friend sat by and watched all this then went out with him and hasnt said a word to me about his dickship. hasnt really said a word to me. actually i told her that he is selfish and she told me she dident want to hear it. so i left it at that. but seriously people. dont marry dicks. dont marry grown men who throw temper tantrums.

so i got what i wanted sorta. my housemate dick isent talking to me. and i got to watch a grown man throw a tantrum. and got amused. i bet he feals like an ass. oh wait hes subhuman so he probably dosent feal anything except like throwing another tantrum.

this day has been amusuing. and im glad i got that out because i havent slept here lately very much. i dont like dealing with assholes so i prefer to leave.

i feal bad about the situation because his girlfriend always helps me out when im down. she a great humanbeing. but shes in denial about his being a dick. which is the worst part. but i hope today showed her. but i doubt it. denial is a fun game ive played too many times.

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