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weird day and fuck the greek system and im not even in college
2004-03-28, 10:17 p.m.

once apon a time a group of people decided to donate to charity.

so they held a can drive and a charity auction.

the old cans in the sorrority and fraternity houses were given to the detroit project because the detroit project works with those them poor folk down in them ghettos.

the sorrirty and fraternity houses were cool about the whole event except those kids from the detroit project couldnt move the cans out fast enough!

because we are having a party to celebrate all that money we raised for charity, in our auction

dude i like need to put my keg SOMEWAIR!

on the less outrages front,

this customers that come into my work are starting to talk to me. there are a few cute ones.

but this one kid is creepy sorta cuz he always watches me with this blank stare. he keeps buying odwalla juices and telling me hes on paxil and hes in debt.

so the other day he was like hi im garth.

and i was like oh like garth as in wayne an garth

he was like yeah come talk to me one day.

and so i was like hm.

so this is why im conserned, not because he isnt super cute.

but today at work he cornered me becasue told me he had been waiting to talk to me and could i please take a minute. he told me hed be waiting over at some table.

i was busy but everytime i looked up dude was looking at me. well blankly staring at me is more accurate

anyways, weird.

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