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2003-10-06, 7:30 p.m.

fuck the police? yes fuck the police. you see they dont care if they get the right person, just if they get someone. so i hapint to be a dreadlock person, easy target i guess. so if a cop comes and talks to you...

i recomend to use the following tactics

me: i dont cooperate with your kind.

cop: i am a person not a group of people

me: well thats funny, if i fuc up buisness dose my client come back to the company, no they tell me to go fuck myself. it seems that with me you guys burnt your bridges last march. so now that i have the oprutunity do you think im going to help you guys?

cop: like i said i am an individual

me: well maybe you as an individual should go back down town and remind all the otehr individuals about team work. and perhaps during this talk you could raise the bar about being a humanbeing and doing a job correctly and maybe next time you need help from someone they wont tell you to fuc off because of soemthing someone else on your team did.

cop: well... um...

me: well nothing. this conversation is OVER (thank you tyler durden)

and i didnt even do anything. i was sean in 'the area". fuck i work in "the area".

it felt so good to finally tell off the police. they have only seriously fuct me once, but once is enough. so fuck the police.

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