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hazy memory
2003-03-31, 1:13 p.m.

well lets sum up the last few days that i can manage to recall from my foggy memmory

i went to detroit and cleaned up. that was a great experience. it was actually super cool because this lady sent her son to help and she came out and we ended up cleaning the fuck out of the lot next to hers. she was going to have a wedding. it wasent just trash pick up, it was hedging raking grabage removal, bags of hyperdermic needles, matressses, clothes, oil drums.

she did not wake up thinking that her yard would be that clean when she went to bed that day.

um what else. saw a great brazilian film madam satan. ate pasteries.

oh last nite we had a mini gathering by accident. my room is like a magnet these days. and i took this pill my friend amreen gave me and it FUCKED MY SHIT UP. its sapose to be for anti seizures. god bless pharamcuticals.

finally ive noticed some months im a raging alcholic and a drug abuser. other months im not. i think this is the begining of a wonderful sunny boozin and druggin summer.

oh and i now have a bed mate. phen. he rules. o, baby, say my name. we are having so much fun and planning a poperi of debauchry and art projects! ill keep you posted

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