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uh what is a girl to do
2005-04-10, 8:08 p.m.

i sappose balance is the key too all relationships.

i recognize that he has secret missions for the government slaughtering innocent people and not letting me know if he is dead or alive for weeks. this can be very frustrating to have your person dissapear for weeks to months with out warning.

i guess then that is why he recognizes that i, being pretty awesome-seeming and hot to members of the opposite sex, need to step out every once and a while in the anxeity provoking absenses.

hot date in t-minus an hour.

id probably feel better about the situation if hed go stepping out but hes that old fashion youre the only one for me and ill wait while im more of the thinking, you maybe the only one for me but your not here.

distance makes the heart grown fonder or something

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