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going out west wair i belong....
2004-06-19, 5:14 p.m.

i have been on a lot of long car rides, but a road trip involves a trip of longer than 18 hours, so really, i have only been on three road trip outside of family road trips.

how to make a road trip successful:

1. look at maps before you get in the car to go, prefably planning out your route with camping spots or rest areas days maybe even weeks in advance.

2. go with people who have similar interests as you and similar degrees of laid backness.

not fun: drove all the way to idaho but only got to see yellowstone for about 2 hours driving through it at dusk.

fun: drove to the atlantic ocean and we tried to find the pigeon museum some place in rural pensylvania (which in retrospect, a barn on a dirt road may have been a little house of 1000 corpses-esque for comfort).

3. dont let stupid shit like speeding tickets or highway traffic ruin a good time. use traffic as a way to work on your tan. if the traffic exceds an hour, look at it as an oportunity to switch sides to even your tan.

4. Bring good music and play road games like what am i thinking of? (things like george washington or puff daddy are challenging but not impossible. avoid abstractions like the alphabet)

5. Bring change and cash for toll roads.

Yes, it is true. Im going out west to embarck on a career change. Pay me to be an outdoor therapy conselour? certainly my type of job.

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