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so, yeah, i just wanted you to know ive got this gun and im going to go ballistic
2004-07-26, 9:56 a.m.


friday night.

sandwich maker: hi, im just calling to let you know im going to put a bullet in my brain, but not before i take out a few of these peeing in the corner of the bathroom instead of turing on the light and finding the toilet muthafuckas.

me: um, well. hm. who gave you a gun?

sandwich maker: thats not important. im ready. ill throw it all away.

me: well you still owe me money so can we talk about postponing this venture?

im really suprised i stayed very calm enough to defuse the situation temporarily.

and really, that was the easiest part of my stressful weekend. i dont even want to go into the ludicrous details but ill just say thank god im entering data today and i think that sums up how dificult this weekend was and how glad i am that its over.

also,honestly that kid will throw it all away. he tried a few times but apparently god wants him still here.

when i get the news that this guy does go ballistac and take out a few people, i will simply say when you push someone to the edge these kinds of things happens. i told you so.

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