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date and the colour green
2003-06-03, 8:38 a.m.

gebus. i dont know how i do it.

quite the hottie turned out to be more than just a hottie.

drinking coffee talking life philosophy and returning home at 8:30 am is a sucessful date in my book.

heres a fun fact: back in the day, in the fifties women wouldnt smoke lucky strikes because the green box clashed with too many outfits. lucky strike decided f*that, green is going to be in fashion and goddamnit women are going to smoke.

what happint? P.R. happint. Edward Bernays had a socielite green ball with payed smoking participants. Then he put some smoking socialites in a parade. Then he called the newspapers. then what hapint? women started smoking those cigaretes that came in that oh so fashionable green box.

true story.

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