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how to be happy
2003-06-05, 6:07 p.m.

dont try to lead me into temptation i have already been there and i know the way!

"i thought i had SARS for awhile because i was sick all the time so i went to the doctor. He was like you dont have SARS, you are a junkie"

This is the thing that bothers me about sober people, they like to blame drugs for everything. If you use drugs you arent happy. Well shit Marilyn Manson looks like hes having a good time. Drug Addicts are giving drug users a bad name.

There are plenty of Sober people pretty damn miserable out there. Working for shit you dont need, with people you dont like, living with out a purpose.

you only got today and tommorow and tommorow isnt gueranteed. so why waste time being hurt and angry?

So if you want to be happy there are a few rules.

first, cut all the lame people out of your life. the ones who make you feal guilty or the ones you are hanging out with cuz they think you are so cool. the ones that you hang out with cuz of history. the ones that get angry because you arent what they want you to be. fuck that.

this is easily accomplished. in your head put people side by side. which one would you shoot in the head? get rid of that one.

second, enjoy what you are doing. peace is in the moment you are in right now. its in you. so let go of the bullshit. no ones right or wrong there is no blame, just be

third, if people burn you dont hold onto the anger and emotions, that weighs you down. That dosent mean be nice to everyone it means remember what they did to you so they cant do it again but dont waste your energy on feeling it cuz its over.

fourth, hold yourself accountable. the choices you made yesterday got you to where you are today, the choices you make today will determine where you are tommorow. learn from mistakes. you get what you deserve.

Bacically pain is growth. and pain is an illusion. suffering comes from desiring things to be how they are not. If you can change it do it, if you cant why waste energy on it?


(ps i got another date with KLO tonite. we are going a dancing in detroit!)

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