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my friend judith is so harcore
2001-12-07, 4:16 p.m.

my friend judith is harcore

i got a "i need advice phonecall"

why this is so exciting is i dont know anything about 'normal' subjects so my phone never rings with such calls.

so its judith and im like yo whats happening. and shes like well i have this decision and i want you to make it.

a note should be placed here reminding everyone that i shouldnt usually be allowed to make important decisions

but since this involved tattoos i ofcourse became the appropriate party.

the question was Ass or Titties?

complicated with "where should i get the words 'sacrafice' and betrayl' "

drawing on the larger metaphor i said Ass.

seing as gettting hit from the back is most vulnerable so really it drives home the purpose of the tattoo in a more western draw or die high noon only yellowbellies cross you from behind type notion.

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