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happy fucking halloween
2003-10-31, 1:07 p.m.

you know what sux?

when your house gets broken into he doors get kicked in and one of the kids who did it decides to come back because he dropped his cellphone.

then your boyfriend punches him in the face and the kid maces your boyfriend. then the dumb fuck criminal gose and gets his big brother to come over and take care of the problem that he deems is that he got punched in the face.

i very calmly explained to big brother look dude your brother has a problem with my former housemate, he fucks my shit up do you think for a second that hes not going to get punched in the face?

Well at least it is warm outside and the break in had nothing to do with me. just provided entertainment.

break in dude comes to the door: uhhh uhh i um forgot my cell phone here.

Trouble:you did what, oh so your the motherfucker that broke into the house.

dumb dude: um um nooooo.

Trouble:Then why is your cellphone here. I m going to give you two seconds to explain. one (PUNCH)

dumb dude: (running away) no dude no dude, i mean um

then trouble chased him around the house while the kid screamed i dont want to fite you. until he got his mace out and maced Trouble.

when he came back with big brother his face was fuct up. two punches and he is pretty no more.

and as usual the cops did nothing. its okay for you to protect your home by anymeans necesary. which is cool too.

fuck stupid rich kids man!

Happy Halloween

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