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hipphip horay for hippies
2007-02-10, 9:57 p.m.

its funny how a lot of times things that are right in front of us miss us. it took a lot for me to come full circle and rid myself of my weird being attracted to guys who are jerks and figer out why and my role in it well its over and im done and all this time i had some wonderful options i never took because i was not living in the here and now well looks like its time for me and my love to travel to thailand to surf not imediatly. is got some more work in the utah to do, you know i have my job, think of the children, the childreN! its fun, i told my love, hey wow, your great your tall and love the earth and right now i cant be in an intamte relationship, right now i just need quality cuddle time he says yes ma'am whatever you need because we have forever. and i said i need to go surfing in thailand and he says, a okay. sounds good. you beaches thailand - thai food! being edge is a gang in salt lake city! straight edge is a gang, so wait police you dont want me to be drug, booze, chemical free?? so straight edge culture as i found out is no drugs no liquor no smoking no caffiene no non comital sex everythign on the road to happiness and its a gang?? yeah i admit there are some thugs. me and my vegan edge love make an odd couple- survivalists to the extreeme i dont think i like the agressive edge people too much, i think they miss the point their values are like buddhism and they forget the love and compassion hmm how have i turned into such a hippie

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