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the house of blues
2002-07-11, 6:33 p.m.

why is it that i cant ever seem to go to a show with out getting in trouble.

i mean the friendly security of metro detroit- GSI - knows me as "mischeif"

but i must say the nuge definetly rocked the house of blues. everything from telling janet reno to kiss his ass, that hes okay with the fact were at war because he is okay with killing assholes, in fact he thinks its fantastac were at war beccause that means we get to kill a whole slew of assholes, and finally the stage props were real guns from the nuges top of the line automatuc weapons collection

my favourite thing about chicago is the homeless people that accost i mean approach you with their newspapers

driving home i saw a cop begining to beat some one on the side of the freeway

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