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house of 1000 corpses
2004-01-11, 3:37 p.m.

ofcourse people walked out of house of 1000 corpses, the movie was fuckin scary.

i thaut you were a cheerleader since you got here you havent done one good damn thing to cheer me up.

in more relevant news, valantines day is going to rule this year! not only is work sending me to philly to basically rock out but justin nailpolish kelly and i are all atending a very vip beach shindig. the only requirement- you must wair a bathing suit. now thats entertainment!

and so this hot topic manager has been trying to hang out at my house, but i say neh, no more. Its obvious hot gothic can only have one cool employee in the entire organazation, which is with out question justin nailpolish. i told him we would shoot him with the pelet gun if he came back on our property. i think he thaut it was a joke. i hope hot topic has benefits.

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