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iggy pop art and werid stuff keeps happening to me
2004-02-08, 12:54 p.m.

i saw iggy pops art at c-pop in detroit and i would half to say whatever is clever. i think iggy finger painted soem of his stuff.

but its was a strange day....

i woke up post excuse for a party on the floor next to the bed still drunk.

i have good reason why i was on the floor, and it wasnt that i was totally trashed, there were no sheets on the bed yet.

anyways, i got woke up still drunk.

strange things have a tendiencey to hapen to me . but the strange events are getting more personal.

anyways still drunk, still fuct up, unable to process information i go to work anyways.

and the weirdest thing hapins this guy walks up to me. and then he started talking to me as i stood thier in disbelief thinking are the words coming out of your mouth directed at me?

it was like watching a movie.

and what made it more weird was that he walked me to work.

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